All our teachers undergo AUSTSWIM training, and our centre is AUSTSWIM accredited. The AUSTSWIM accreditation is the industry standard for Swimming and Water Safety Teachers™ and is delivered and recognised in each state and territory of Australia and many countries overseas, with over 35,500 AUSTSWIM Teachers across the globe. AUSTSWIM works closely with aquatic facilities, education departments, peak industry organizations and partners to achieve the AUSTSWIM philosophy that all Australians should have appropriate and relevant swimming and water safety skills and understand the principles and practices of water safety.

Heathy Swim Accreditation with Ozone and UV water treatment
We use Ozone and UV light water treatment, which is used in the purification of bottled water. It guarantees the highest level of hygiene and reduces the need for high chlorine levels. It also destroys chlorine-resistant pathogens, like Giardia and Cryptosporidium, and most importantly it reduces combined chlorine (chloramines) that cause skin, eye and respiratory irritations to as little as 20% of pools without this treatment.

Splash About Happy Nappy
Hygiene in the pool is a top priority for everyone and so we do not compromise on the requirements to keep standards high.

There is a wide variety of reusable swim nappies available, with many not fit the task of ensuring there are no accidents. Even expensive brands have product designs that do not offer the highest level of protection. So we have done a lot of testing found the Happy Nappy from Splash About to be the most reliable in forming a seal around the legs and waist.

So every swimmer is required to wear a disposable swim nappy (these are not bulky when wet, whereas others are quite cumbersome), with any swimmers on top of the disposable, and finally the reusable swim nappy over everything. Worn on the outside it offers the best protection and is visible to teachers and other parents so that they are assured that everyone is acting in the best interest of hygiene.

Born in Australia in 1992 and with roots still firmly embedded here, Zoggs is now swimming around the world. We sell this innovative range of market-leading products, backed up by a no-nonsense quality guarantee.

Puddle Pics
Puddle Pics are professional underwater photographers, who we scheduled to visit our centre for a whole week, making sure everyone gets the opportunity of a no-obligation underwater photoshoot, with on average 5 to 10 pictures per child. Photoshoots happen during the class and provide minimal disruption to your lesson. Photos are available for viewing and purchase on the day of the photoshoot, and just a short time after your lesson.



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